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He started it... by SuzumeKirei
He started it...
So, I decided to make a male mage Hawke yesterday and I swear, after I got these two they would not stop bickering with each other. So, I decided to doodle this up (*cough*totallywasn'tanexcusetodrawGarrettHawkecauseholyhotdamn*cough*). 
Winter Weather by SuzumeKirei
Winter Weather
I haven't drawn Afonos in a while, so have a wintery picture of him. uwu
He likes to sit outside on his favorite branch when it snows and ponder things (even though the cold still makes his throat sting a little).
(He's about 20-ish sweeps in this picture for those wondering.)
Dareth shiral, ma sa'lath by SuzumeKirei
Dareth shiral, ma sa'lath
"Goodbye, my love"

Ahh, I love the smell of tragic backstory in the morning. 
I ended up making Aidan an elven girlfriend, Lanaris, and thought she'd fit best as an apostate/mage (Probably ice and healing magics). Then I thought about how she'd probably have to hide her magic while they were docked somewhere. "But what if they were in a tavern with some templars and Aidan got drunk and started a fight he couldn't win. Would she heal him in front of the Templars?" I thought. Damn right she would. And then she'd be hauled off to their Circle. 

And now I feel bad...

Forgive me Aidan~

Translated the title into Elvish here:… (I may try learning to speak Elvish 'cause it sounds so pretty. uwu)
Captain Aidan Labrosse by SuzumeKirei
Captain Aidan Labrosse
Another headcanon for Zanna lead to this Orlesian asshole being born. 
Zanna loves anything having to do with pirates and ships and takes the first opportunity she gets to travel with a pirate captain. That captain being Aidan Labrosse.
He's an Orlesian nobleman who turned to the pirateing life when he got sick of his responsibilities and wanted to take life by the horns and see the world (and spill a little blood if he sees something he wants).
Gah, I wanna pair her with him too, but she's already with Everett and I wanted to keep Nesi single. >3<

Gosh, I am having so much fun with these random DA characters. o3o
However, I'm kinda running out of ideas. Anything you guys wanna see next?
Campfire Melodies by SuzumeKirei
Campfire Melodies
Just gonna dump all my headcanons for these three here since at least two pertain to this picture.

1. Zanna and Nesiris are good friends who met in a tavern in Ferelden. They bonded over their love for music and decided to travel together, singing acapella when they had down time either in a tavern or around a campfire. 

2. Zanna would protect Nesi with her life and thinks of her like a sister. The only reason they had dragged a Templar on their journey (much to Nesi's dismay, as she's an apostate) is because no one else would agree to come with them and they had no coin for a sellsword.

3. Everett may seem like a grumpy man who fears nothing, but that's not entirely true. The man's afraid of spiders (not just the big ones in caverns, but your average spider as well) as well as demons. Due to the latter, he became a templar and is quite distrusting of mages (namely Nesi; However, he begins to trust her whilst they travel together).

I'll add more later, just had to get these into writing so I didn't forget 'em. c:
As for the song they're singing, I imagined them singing this, but it could really be anything like that. 
As if y'all couldn't tell. xD
Hopefully that doesn't bother anyone, 'cause I'm gonna be drawing a lot of Dragon Age-related stuff this month (especially after Christmas since I'm fairly certain I'm getting Inquisition. o3o). That being said, I was wondering who you guys would like to see next. Could be one of my Hawkes or a companion. (Also, would y'all be interested if I opened asks for my Hawkes? Those always help me get to know my characters more.)
I'm just itching to draw more Dragon Age stuff. 
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Jeez, I really need to start upd8ing this thing regularly. o3o

In case y'all were interested (and since I see these p much everywhere):
|♀| 20 | ♑ | Demisexual/Panromantic | Single

Hello everyone~ I'm SuzumeKirei, but I go by many names such as Suzu, Ocean (for those who know me from Tumblr), and LadyHathor (if you've played Minecraft with me). uwu
I am a 20-year-old woman who has a passion for art, writing, cosplaying, and roleplaying.

My main fandoms at the moment:
- Homestuck
- Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
- Free!
- and others I just can't think of at this time. o3o

My amazing Moirail <> :icond-mau5: (You should totally go check out her art if you haven't already, cause it's amazing. o3o)

Also, I'll be giving a llama for every llama I get from now on. uwu

Sylph of Heart by YukinoTenshi23 Derse Dreamer 2.0 by YukinoTenshi23 Capricorn by YukinoTenshi23


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