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Broken Soldier
A scene spilled red, filled with deafening cries of anguish. It stung, blurring in an out of a haze filled with all that was hollowed. Scattering of what was once people, soon to be followed by more. It was chaos, pure and utter chaos striking down on the event. Metal glinted in the light, covered in thick oozing liquid. Objects flew past in a blur, piercing into flesh and more.
It was too much; so many fallen, even more screaming, and red. It was all she could see, red this and red that. Everything in her sight was red; the enemy, her comrades, the motionless bodies lying upon the red soaked dirt. Her mind clouded, her body moving through routine motions as she tried to get some control over herself. It was stupid, she knew there’d be a trap waiting for them, they told her to wait. She was over confident, arrogant even, and now everyone was paying the price for her choice; her mistake.
It was all ringing in her ears, pounding the sounds into her head. Watching as her men fell on
:iconlotus-tan:Lotus-tan 2 6
Demon Children
The house was filled with screaming and crying, as the three went rampant. Anyone in a two block radius could hear the children’s howling whilst their parents tried desperately to calm them. The three were nearly impossible to control, basically controlling the household, and leaving exhausted adults in their wake. Despite how horrible their attempts failed, their mother continued to try and consul the crying girl, whilst their father tried to catch the two running around and wrecking their house.
Neither were truly sure what happened to their small munchkins; one minute they were completely fine and the next their screaming their lungs out. It was a frustrating task calming all of the horned children down, but was even more frustrating trying to get an answer to their burning questions. All of their higher pitched voices tangled into one jumbled mess as they try to explain what happened. That’s when shoving would take place, a gesture telling the other to quiet themselves
:iconlotus-tan:Lotus-tan 2 0
[Adopts]: CELLOParadox Circus (CLOSED) :icontheshatteredparadox:TheShatteredParadox 34 6 Custom: Yowah! For KoalaOShiz :iconyandereshenpai:YandereShenpai 12 3 [Personal]: Meet the Artist! 2.0 :icontheshatteredparadox:TheShatteredParadox 24 28 Lil Gal :icono-ironical-o:o-Ironical-O 54 11 Rlly fuckin curly hair :icon8bit-mau5:8bit-Mau5 88 12 - No, This Isn't 'Day Of The Dead' Makeup - :icon8bit-mau5:8bit-Mau5 106 6 I Will Only Complicate You :icon8bit-mau5:8bit-Mau5 41 12 You Say You Hate Me :icon8bit-mau5:8bit-Mau5 69 28 [OC]: Halloween Doodle Dump! :icontheshatteredparadox:TheShatteredParadox 23 30 707 :iconmegumonster:megumonster 864 47 - I'm Not Your Ordinary, Run Of The Mill Lover - :icon8bit-mau5:8bit-Mau5 143 47 Adelita the Virtuous :icon8bit-mau5:8bit-Mau5 103 11 She is Noble. She is Kind. :icon8bit-mau5:8bit-Mau5 122 41 Just Your Local Lesbian :icon8bit-mau5:8bit-Mau5 86 22


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Feel like donating something other than points? I've set up a ko-fi to try and help my mom out since she's still letting me live with her. The link is here:
Every little bit is very much appreciated. ♥

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Then boy, have I got something you might enjoy!
Some friends and I have been playing Otomes together and having a blast doing so, so we thought we'd bring the fun to you via Twitch streams! One of those friends, Zak, has graciously lent his voice to even make an ad for us:

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, please join us! We'll be over at every Tuesday at 8pm EST/5pm PST. ♥

Psst, Lotus-tan, Hyo38. Feel free to make your own ads if you wanna. uwu
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Are there any adopts y'all might want to see? I need some new pen nibs for my tablet pen, so I was thinking of either making rlc adopts or a ych thing. o3o
Probably should have asked this before lining them, but did anyone wanna watch me draw some old OCs? o3o
Could anyone help me with a space/star-themed username?
Just wanted a fallback in case the username I usually use for things happens to be taken somewhere (ran into this problem a little while ago, so I figured I'd ask since I'm bad at coming up with usernames. xD). Plus, I kinda wanted to change up my username here whenever I get the chance.
Streaming some Stardew Valley in about 5-ish minutes for those who wanna come hang out. uwu
Streaming a Stardew Valley fanart if anyone wants to come watch.
WIP:  Elliott  Seph WIP by SuzumeKirei


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Jeez, I really need to start upd8ing this thing regularly. o3o

In case y'all were interested (and since I see these p much everywhere):
|♀| 23 | infp | ♑ | Demisexual/Panromantic/Poly | Single

Hello everyone~ I'm SuzumeKirei, but I go by many names such as Suzu, Ocean (for those who know me from Tumblr), and Wikked (if you've played Minecraft with me or know me from GaiaOnline). uwu
I am a 23-year-old woman who has a passion for art, writing, cosplaying, and roleplaying.

My main fandoms at the moment:
- Stardew Valley
- Final Fantasy XV
- Mystic Messenger
- Dragon Age
- and others I just can't think of at this time. o3o

My amazing Moirail <> :icon8bit-mau5: (You should totally go check out her art if you haven't already, cause it's amazing. o3o)

And my mama :iconspooniestrong: ( Go check her out as well! She's working on improving her art so she can write/illustrate a childrens' book. c: )

Jaehee Roleplay Account: :iconjaehee-kang:

Also, I'll be giving a llama for every llama I get from now on. uwu

Team Instinct by lilmisskayla


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