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The vast landscape of Skyrim was lain out in front of you, rain falling gently from the clouds above as you made your way towards a Bandit camp.

You looked down at the paper you were given from the Jarl of Falkreath, giving it another read.


There is a bandit camp to the north west of my city named "Knifepoint Ridge". Its inhabitants have been harassing my people for far too long, and I would like you to put a stop to it.

Kill the leader of this camp for me, bringing me his axe as proof, and I may have a spot for you as my hold's new thane.

I'm counting on you,
The Jarl of Falkreath

You checked the compass you had in your satchel to see what direction you were travelling in.
Northwest. Good.
You continued your trek through the wilderness, sword at the ready in case you ran into any wolves, spiders, or worse.

After a while, you happened upon a few unsuspecting bandits. You were close.

You drew your bow and arrow from your back and hid in a large bush, aiming for the nearest bandit.

Your first arrow flew with ease, landing right in his back before he fell with a loud thud.

You drew back your second arrow, letting it fly quickly before one of the other bandits found you. It landed right between her eyes as she made her way towards the bush, causing her to fall as well.

The last bandit, as he frantically looked around, started to back away from the corpses, but a swift arrow to the chest made sure he wouldn't be going back to the camp to give you away.

You emerged from the bush after looking around for any stragglers, grabbing your arrows from the bandits' lifeless bodies and making your way towards the camp.

You were happy you hadn't decided to wear your heavy armor and instead went with your light, leather armor. This meant you were able to sneak around the camp without having to worry about the metal clanking sounds giving you away.

You snuck up to the entrance of the camp, a large settlement with pointed log walls surrounding nearly all of the camp. You looked up to see there was a guard on a tower overlooking the wilderness. An easy target.

You drew an arrow from your quiver and drew your bow back, aiming for a headshot. However, right as you let go, he started to walk away.

'Shit...' you thought, sinking down in the bushes.

As you suspected, the bandit heard the arrow whiz by and quickly turned to look around. Luckily, he didn't see you and went back about his business.

You wiped a bead of sweat from your brow and drew another arrow in your bow, again aiming for his head. This time the arrow connected and he went down. You heard an uproar about the camp and stooped down in the bush as you saw a heap of bandits exit the walls of the camp.

Keeping very still, you managed to evade their sight and they headed back into the camp.
You sighed. If there were that many bandits in the camp, you couldn't just go in and kill them all with your sword. That would just be a suicide mission.

You decided to creep up to another, closer bush to hide in. From there you could see a few bandits in the camp through the entryway. You decided to aim for the one who was sat at a table, enjoying some mead.

The bandit went down as the arrow struck him in the chest and the other two bandits went to check on him. They found your arrow and headed straight for you. You grasped your amulet of Talos and thought of a way to distract them. Then it hit you. You smirked, letting the amulet fall from your grasp.

Zul Mey Gut

You used one of your favorite Thu'ums, the Throw voice shout. You heard an insult in your voice from across the way, causing the bandits to turn around and investigate. You let out a soft giggle then quickly and without much pause between, took both of them out with a shot to the head.

You counted the three bandits out from the original count of bandits, leaving only three left in the whole camp. You drew your sword and entered the camp with caution, looking around for the remaining bandits.

You found one working the forge, facing away from you. You quietly sheathed your sword and drew your bow again, shooting an arrow right in his back. He fell into the fires of the forge and you quickly grabbed your sword again, expecting the other two to emerge at any time.

Just as expected, the other two bandits came out of hiding, swords at the ready, and charged at you. You swung your sword at one, cutting her down in one swipe, then swung it back, killing the other. You looked at the bodies of the bandits, noticing that none of them carried an axe.

'Where's the chief?' you thought, looking around. Suddenly, you noticed an entrance to a mine. 'Dammit...'

Trudging your way over to the mine, you grumbled to yourself. This was really getting to be more trouble than it was worth.

You opened the door to the mine as quietly as you could, searching the entryway for any bandits. You only found one on guard and quickly put an arrow in his face, searching his pockets before making your way further into the mine.

You took out about three or four bandits on your way through the mine, finally stopping at a shack.

'Why would they build a shack down here in this stuffy mine?' you asked yourself, approaching the building silently. You peered in through a crack in the boards to see a pair of feet inside.

'I hope this is the chief. I don't want to have come here for nothing...'

You noticed a stack of boxes leading up to the roof and climbed them with ease. There was a hole in the roof, which you made your way over to and peered inside for a better look at the chief and how much of a challenge he would be.

Your heart skipped a beat as you saw him. He was a tall, handsome Nord with golden hair that fell to one side. He wore a bulky, fur-lined set of studded leather armor, fur-trimmed boots, and carried a grand battleaxe with a red cloth binding around the handle. You couldn't possibly kill this man.

'Maybe I can reason with him...' you thought, climbing through the hole in the roof.

You made your way over to the chief, his head turning towards you as you stepped on a creaky floorboard.

His blue orbs met your gaze and he quickly grabbed his axe, standing and approaching you.
"So you're the one who killed all my men. You're a sneaky one, I'll give you that." he spoke in a voice that made you shiver.

"They got in my way..." was all you had to say.

"In your way of what? Me?" he asked, still walking towards you.
He stopped right in front of you, axe in hand beside him.

"I wanted... to reason with you." you said.

He looked a bit surprised. "Reason? Why?"

You took a breath, "Well, you see, the Jarl of Falkreath sent me to kill you and bring your axe as proof, but you're too han- erm, you seem stronger than I expected..." you stuttered a bit at the end.

"I see. So you want me to just hand over my axe and you'll let me live. Even though, now that you've killed my band, I have nothing left to live for. Is that right?"

"That was... the plan." you were quivering a bit at this point as he loomed over you.

"I tell you what..."

You perked up a bit.

"You seem like a strong, beautiful woman. Take me along on your adventures and I'll hand it over." he said, holding out his axe to you.

You were a bit stunned at this sudden proposal, your cheeks even a bit rosy, but you nodded and grasped the axe in both hands.

He smiled, bending down to give you a quick kiss on the lips. "I look forward to adventuring with you then, my dear."

Your face lit up like fire and you quickly pushed your way out from between the wall and the bandit chief. However, you felt a tug on the back of your collar and you fell back into the chief's arms. You looked up at the man curiously.

"You never did introduce yourself, dear." he said.

"O-oh, sorry, I'm ________." you told him.

"Such a beautiful name. It fits you. Anyway, I'm Mathias." he said, lifting you back to your feet. "And now that we're acquainted, you may lead the way back to Falkreath."

You nodded and exited the shack, Mathias following close behind. You grasped the axe firmly in one hand, taking the paper from the Jarl out of your satchel. You read it over once more, then tossed it aside, having no further use for it.

END (unless you want more adventures w/ these two)
I finally finished it! :dummy:

I dunno about you guys, but if I saw a nord that looked like Denmark in Skyrim, I think I'd fangirl all over the place.
Anyway, hope you guys enjoy~
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I hope I can find the continuationStitch is Sorry plz . Anyway I love the storyKitty begging .
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This story, I like it. ANOTHER!!!!
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momodreamer Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
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I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that Mathias would fit in the world of Skyrim~
And yeah, I wrote DenmarkXReader- Skyrim based one-shot~
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Awesome! And I totally agree with ~hottygirl101 XD
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